Medium Brushes

Sisal is a natural fiber extracted from the Agrave sisalana plant living for about 7-10 years, growing between 200 to 250 usable leaves.

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All brushes come packaged in a box excluding BA-61 and BAC-61

Revitalize your skin with our handmade natural sisal brush! Perfect for dry use or take it in the bath or shower for an invigorating massage! Brush to:
- remove dead skin cells
- stimulate circulation
- help eliminate body toxins
- reduce the appearance of cellulite


Treat youself to your own back rub! Brush for:
- healthier skin
- better circulation
- a great massage
- an invigorating scrub in the bath or shower


Say goodbye to unsightly and irritated bikini lines!
Discover what you didn’t know you had to have, with merben, near necessities.



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